Daily: Litecoin shoots for the Moon, BTC-e Is Back Online

Daily: Litecoin shoots for the Moon, BTC-e Is Back Online

Boxmining Daily Sept 1:
1:22 Market Recap
4:50 BTC-e Is Back Online
5:28 Illinois Launches Blockchain Pilot to Digitize Birth Certificates
6:37 Moscow Exchange: No Plans to Launch Bitcoin Trading
7:02 China Spotlight: 8BTC forum Moderation
Upcoming: Binance CEO interview, Enigma CEO interview
10:25 Upgrade Time


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Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2015

Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2015

The best credit cards to apply for to get the most cash back in 2015. Sign up, get rewards, then cancel the card, rinse repeat.

The cards mentioned are:
Citi Double Cash
Citi Thank You Premier
Fidelity Investment Rewards
American Express Blue Cash

5% Cash Back On Everything

5% Cash Back credit cards with rotating categories are the norm these days. By having a number of them and a cash back cheat sheet, you can easily tap into the 5% cash back in an aggregate manner. That is, you combine the power of all these cards to get you basically 5% off almost every category imaginable.

For example, if you do this you can effectively get 5% cash back on gas/groceries/restaurants/Target and 2-3% cash back on everything else!

Beware of credit cards though as usage of these cards is a bit like playing with fire. If you are not diligent on spending only what you have, you may easily get yourself into debt. Remember to always set the auto-pay method on these cards to auto-pay your statement in full each week to mitigate the risk of a late payment and adversely affecting your credit score. This is even more important when you have a multitude of cards like myself since it is easy to miss a payment when doing all this card juggling manually.
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