Self Lender Review: A Unique Way To Build Your Credit History

We take a look at Self Lender, a unique free tool that allows you to monitor your credit, along with a service that allows you to build your credit history. Check out the full article here:

Do you know your credit score? How’s your credit history? Do you know? Sadly, most people don’t.

That’s why we love Self Lender. Self Lender is a free credit monitoring service that shows you your credit score, and the factors that contribute to it.

If you want to build your credit history, they also have a paid service called the Credit Builder Account, where you can basically loan yourself money. And that’s unique.

In this video, you’ll see:
– How to get your credit score for free with Self Lender
– How the Credit Builder Account works
– How you can lend yourself money
– How all of this builds your credit history

If you’re looking for a unique way to build your credit history, check out Self Lender.
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