8 Creepy Cases of Identity Theft

These cases of identity theft will make you feel paranoid about the safety of your personal data. Let’s take a look at these creepy stories about identity fraud.

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8: Britanny Ossenfort
This weird case feels like something out of a creepy movie. Britanny Ossenfort first met her roommate Michelle through friends, and the two got a long together quite well. They shared a lot of similarities, and Michelle even had her hairstyle and color match Brittany’s. Things started getting a little creepy when Michelle got a tattoo on her hand that was the exact match as her roommate’s, but Brittany brushed away any weird thoughts, and the two continued living
7: Wendy Brown
Wendy Brown, a 34 year old mother from Wisconsin was so desperate to turn back time and relive her youth, she did the unthinkable. One day, She showed up at Ashwaubenon High School in Wisconsin, and enrolled herself using her 15 year old daughter’s identity who at that time was living with a relative outside the state. The mother got her own cheerleading outfit, and even went to a pool party with her new student friends. But when Wendy was no longer seen at class, school officials reported her for truancy
6: Nicole McCabe
For three years, Nicole Sandra McCabe had been living happily with her Israeli husband in Israel. The Australian native was close to expecting her first child when she heard the news of the assassination of Hamas chief leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in January 2010. The man who was wanted by the Israeli government was attacked in his hotel room in Dubai, and smothered to death with a pillow. But what shocked Nicole the most was the fact that her name was among the people implicated for the murder, and she was now on Interpol’s most wanted list. The 27 year old
5: Lara Love and David Jackson
The “neighbors from hell.” That’s how a prosecutor described Lara Love and David Jackson, a Californian couple caught in 2008 for committing a massive identity theft scheme. The two had settled in a close-knit neighborhood in Santa Cruz, and were well liked and trusted by their neighbors and relatives. They eventually used that trust to their advantage by stealing their neighbors’ mail, hacking into their online networks, and stealing their credit cards. With the information of over two dozen people, they managed to scam thousands of dollars off multiple accounts. As the crime spree went on, victims noticed that they were being charged for things and services they didn’t know of, and upon investigation
4: Rosa Vargas
In 2004, Rosa Vargas from New York was happily making preparations for her upcoming wedding, when her marriage application was suddenly rejected three weeks before her big day. The reason, as stated by the Municipal Office, was that she was already married – not to one, but two different men, one in Mexico and the other in Ecuador. Distraught and convinced that it was some kind of mistake, Rosa and her fiancée proceeded with their marriage anyway by obtaining their license from a different jurisdiction. The strange incident was almost forgotten, but five years later an Ecuadorian man
3: Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
In 2000, the management of a Hong Kong classical venue was contacted by someone who claimed to represent the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, asking if they would be interested to have the group come perform at their place. Delighted, they agreed as the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra was internationally renowned as one of the best orchestra groups in the world. The event was publicized widely, and was even organized with the help of the Hong Kong government. 10,000 classical music fans attended
2: Frederic Bourdin
One day in 1994, 13 year old Nicholas Barclay was out playing with his friends in their home town of San Antonio, Texas. The boy never returned home that day and has been missing since. Three years later, a young man appeared at the family’s doorstep, claiming himself to be the long lost Nicholas. Never mind that he had a French accent, or that his eye color was different, the family took him in and genuinely believed him to be their Nicholas. He claimed
1: Arnaud du Tilh
Here’s another case of a legendary French identity thief, though this one occurred nearly five centuries ago. Martin Guerre was a 16th Century peasant living in the village of Artigat, in southwest France. One day, he disappeared completely after being accused of stealing grain, leaving behind his wife Bertrande, and their baby boy. Almost 9 years later, a man claiming to be Martin reappeared in Artigat. His features were similar, and he knew every detail of Martin’s life. This convinced the villagers, including Martin’s wife and family. So Bertrande lived together with her returned husband, and had two more children with him. The new “Martin” also inherited what was left by his deceased “father”. But Martin’s father

A Standard Quick guide as well as a Recap on Identity Burglary

identity theft
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What is Identification Burglary? Identification burglary is a crime in which a specific person utilizes one more person’s information or identification in ways that involve scams or deceptiveness, normally for their economic gain. They do this by making use of somebody else identification rather than offering the proper as well as genuine info for their identities. As well as due to this activities the individual, whose identification was wrongfully made use of by others, will struggle with economic challenges.

< br/ > Today, identification theft is the fastest expanding criminal offense in the USA. All individuals whose identity is in the hand of other individuals are all in danger of identity burglary, so basically, every person is at danger. That is why identity theft protection is really useful nowadays.

< br/ > In the USA alone, a standard of 27,000 people is being pilfered of their identifications daily. As well as baseding upon studies made by the Identity Theft Source Facility, for each second an individual’s identification is being stolen. As well as for each three secs, an individual’s identification would be exposed to thieves.

There are various types of identification theft, offering adequate reason for everyone to obtain identification burglary protection. Here are the various sorts of identity theft:

The very first is the Driver’s Certificate Identification Theft. In this way of taking someone’s identification, the target could be based on traffic infractions he did not permit.

The second is Credit rating Identity Burglary. Right here the theft utilizes somebody else’s individual info to get financings, as well as hence leaving the target paying costs for the lendings she or he is not taking pleasure in.

The third type of identity burglary and also 3rd reason to being identification theft protection is the Social Protection Number Identification Burglary. Making use of one more person’s Social protection Number, the thief would get a task. The thief would certainly get the salary for that task, yet the target would certainly be the one to spend for the tax obligations.

The fourth is the Clinical Identification Theft. The thief would certainly make use of another person’s identity for appointments, prescriptions, and therapies, simply puts, the victims insurance policy would certainly be used by the burglar, making the sufferer to shed his or her insurance policy protection.

< br/ > Last but not least is the fifth sort of identity burglary and also an additional factor to get identification burglary protection is the Personality Identification Theft. In this sort of identity theft involves crimes. The person, whose identity was made use of, will be subjected to subpoena and will certainly be charged of criminal offenses they did not devote.

And also along with these kinds of identification burglary every person need to understand, every person should likewise understand that one of the most usual manner in which of identity theft is through the web.

Downloaded files like documents, accessories and applications are in some cases loaded with viruses. These infections are released to your computer system when the downloaded and install documents are accessed or opened up.

Besides the web, everybody must likewise watch with phishing mails or fraudulence phone telephone calls because these are additionally used to take one’s identification. And having an identification theft protection safeguards you from being a target or identity theft. Identity theft protection can be basic tips everybody might make use of to protect themselves against identity burglary.

< br/ > One suggestion is to update your anti infection software. Because a lot of instances of identity theft happen online, having your antivirus software program around day is a great preventative measure against identification burglary. One more pointer is to filter phishing mails by validating with the company if they actually are asking you individual info by telephone call to their official hotlines.

There are a lot of ideas that a person can make use of against identification burglary, as well as all are discovered in the internet.

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