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Don’t mine my moms cooking in the background lol I’m still giving you results for credit repair!

This customer wants to get into a house…his wife called me and said I want you to work on my husbands credit…she paid, we got to work ASAP and in 2 weeks he got results
ASAP!…it happens a lot with people’s who’s credit has never been worked on …if your credit has been worked on, it will take additional time but I always get results in or about 45 days!….

NOW, we have customers who previously had credit repair from other companies and at the same time that we do credit repair, they get collection accounts to pop up on their credit again!…this happens because the people who previously worked on it didn’t dispute correctly!…If we dispute, the accounts will not come back (show up on their credit). I have this written on my Agreement and if ever something pops up on their credit, we get to work on it asap!

How did she get started? She sent me his #experian credit monitoring …but, we usually ask for equifax.com/freetrial and they send USERNAME PASSWORD to gcervano@gmail.com asking for a quote on their credit repair!


You can call/text Gizzy at 973-440-8661 to get started!

Experian Credit Score is COMPLIMENTARY. FOREVER! (television Advertisement 2016)

Here’s Experian’s 2016 TV advert. That’s right – the Experian credit rating has become TOTALLY FREE. Forever. It demonstrates how lenders may view you, and may be a good thing to know if you’re thinking about obtaining credit. For more information go to http://www.experian.co.uk

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Inside Experian – The Full Film

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